Fab Fav: Otterbox

Otterbox Defender Series Case-
This is by far the best case on the market for kids and their devices.  I have personally seen the abuse it can take in my classroom and in my home.  I have watched my two year throw his iPad across the room, I have watched him jump on it, I have watched students drop theirs, I have spilt tea all over mine, all without any damage.  I have the same case on my Galaxy cell phone, dropped it off the dock into the water… even though the case isn’t claimed to be “water proof”... my phone had no water damage.  We have them on all our devices… iPads, iPods, Cell phones… Better yet… Otterbox stands behind their product.  Over the years we have had to replace a few cases as they take the abuse… torn plug covers, crack plastic parts, scratched plastic screen cover...with out any questions… Otterbox has replaced the cases.  You can’t ask for anything more out of a case!!!  I have tried lots of cases in the classroom.  Nothing has come close.

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