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The classroom environment affects a student's ability to learn and feel comfortable as a member of the class. It is important to the both of us to create an environment that is welcoming and encourages learning. We spend a lot of time, money and planning into our classroom to provide an atmosphere that is pleasing to all the sense.  Depending on what time of the day you enter our classrooms will depend on the type of music you hear,  but you will always see comfortable learning spots, water and snacks.  Your nose will be delighted with refreshing smells soothing and the soft lighting will please your eyes.  We value creating a place that fosters acceptance, cooperation, and collaboration as well as individuality.  
The positive comments and appreciation that is displayed from parents, staff members, and community members are confirmation to us on the important of our class environment.  We welcome you to take a peek, come visit us, ask questions… we would love to help you transform your classroom! 

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