Thursday, July 6, 2017

Name Tags with a Touch

Every year Julie and I do matted pictures of our students to hang above their coat hooks/cubby area.

This year we wanted to make them a little more personalized.  
What we did...
1.  We took pictures of our incoming students on the last day of school.  If you didn't do that, ask parents to email you a picture.
2.  We sent out an email with a Google Form to parents asking for correct spelling of student names and to pick from a list of words, the one word that describes their child.

3.  We used... (Julie, brace yourself as I am finally giving away my secret design tool that I wanted to keep to myself)... to design our tags.

4.  We are adding the descriptive words that parents are picking out under student names.  We want students to associate themselves with more things than just students or kids... they are CREATORS, DESIGNERS, INNOVATORS, EXPLORERS, INVESTIGATORS AND MORE!

5.  We will be printing these as 4x4's.

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