Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bidding for Baked Goods

What is Bidding for Baked Goods?
Innovation in Action!

This is a student initiated, student led entrepreneurship experience. With a communication team, financial analysts, a shipping and receiving department,  technical services, quality control, customer service and maintenance department, we are full operational business (for the day).   

In a nutshell..
The event was broadcasted on social media.  Students took pictures and uploaded t social media, Friends made bids, highest bid won.  Students wrote responses to all bidders.  Students, graphed all bids.  Friends picked up goods after school.

We have had an out pouring of parent and community support!

Special Thanks to the following supporters:
Tim Hortons- Frankenmuth, MI
Starbucks- Birch Run, MI 
Kroger- Frankenmuth, MI
Cinema Hollywood, Birch Run, MI
Harry & David's- Birch Run, MI
Slo' Bones- Frankenmuth, MI
Classic Image- Frankenmuth, MI
Kris & Co- Frankenmuth, MI
Zak & Mac's- Franlkenmuth, MI
Prost- Frankenmuth, MI
All Family & Friends


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