Wednesday, November 2, 2016

An Afternoon in Our Class of Active Collaborators

 Watch Me!

Wow!  What an afternoon...

We were busy, busy, busy completing our To-Do Checklist!  From finishing our morning Activsheet (we had SVSU teachers teaching in the morning, so that with Basecamp and Gym and Music... it didn't get done) to Dash and Dot and Turkey Crafts and the Promethean ActivTable (click here to see it in actionOperation Christmas Child... well you get it.  There was lots to do!

With so many projects, students were working at their own pace completing all the tasks.   Did I mention that they just learned a new App yesterday... Seesaw... and had to also upload two projects (Pumpkin Character's and Shoebox Design Sheets).

It get's more exciting... we launched Chromebooks today.  Students that wanted were able to use the Chromebooks.  This was a whole new learning adventure as they had to figure out how to log into their Google Classroom, Drive and Seesaw account.

It didn't stop there.... Some students had forgotten to take a picture of their pumpkin before taking it home so we also shared photos to their Google Drive and taught students how to get pictures from a shared folder and upload it.

Yes... this was one afternoon in second grade.  You're probably thinking... NO WAY!  Ask any of the four Saginaw Valley State University Students or any of the three classroom aides, or the Principal who stopped in with a potential parent (she was on a school tour!!).... or just check out this video!  

We are sure the kids are sleeping great tonight... us on the other hand, we are so energized by all the events of the day!
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