Sunday, October 2, 2016

The past two years we have done a boat unit at the end of the school year... but this year is looking different already.  While still meeting curriculum requirements, we are a student driven classroom... 2nd graders have launched us into boats based on their interest.  It all started during our chapter read time with the book: Magic Tree House, Book 17: Tonight on the Titanic.  On their own, students began to bring in Lego creations, posters, newspaper articles and more.  This lead to discussions on floating, sinking and lots of other boat questions.  This week students read and listened to more information and began the thinking and designing process.  Next week we will begin boat challenges.  Students were given a new Google Classroom course "STEM".  In that course there is (with more to come) great information for students.  We encouraged them to spend some time on it this weekend if possiable.  

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