Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back to School: Meet and Greet Letter

Julie and I sent out letters as normal.  The purpose of our letters is to begin the school to home relationship.  We like to address our letters to our students.  As most of them are early readers we know that most often parents are the ones reading them.  This year we did what we do best- TECHNOLOGY!  We added QR codes! The QR Codes linked to us reading the letter to students.

Techy!  Differentiated!  Personalized!  and CUTE!  Go ahead... scan our QR codes... check it out. 
If you read the letter, you would also see that we are diving right into building Grit and Resilience!  
 We hope this inspires you.

How we did this:
1.  Typed our letters out
2.  Recorded us reading
     * Julie used Quicktime to do a screen cast of her reading her letter on her laptop.  Then uploaded to Youtube.
     *I popped an image of my letter into an iMovie and recorded my voice.  I then also uploaded to
3.  Turned the Youtube URL into a QR code.  Not sure how to make a QR code... check out this tutorial: Making a QR Code

We would love to see what you come up with!


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