Friday, July 29, 2016

Back to School: A Classroom Designed to Engage

How did we start?  This is one of the most asked questions about our classroom.  Follow this blog post to see how Two Sassy Apples start the 2016-2017 school year.  Teachers love free things so we are going to give away an IPEVO document camera, thanks to our friends at IPEVO!
We would love to hear your questions and comments, as this is a work in progress post.  Consider this a collaborative place… A Blog with Benefits!

Keep checking back for more information… like we said this is a work in progress post!


Before Pictures...
  • Starting with a blank space is always a great start.
  • Clean out your clutter, this means throwing away broken, mismatched, unused, and abused items YES! Antiques are valuable- but not in education- Do you really want to hear the parents of your students say “I did this when I was your age?”
  • Good rule to follow- If you haven’t touched it in over two years… toss it!  Trust me, when you look at your finished classroom you will be so relieved… Can you hear me take a deep, relaxing breath?  Don’t you want to feel this way when you walk into your classroom every time?
  • One person's trash is another person's treasure!  There is some truth to that.  Give away items you know you don't like, chance are if you don’t like it then you will never use it- one thing I love about our school is that teachers put unwanted items in the hallway right before school starts and it’s a free for all!  (This does not include those ancient items.)

Made name tags today...found these adorable chalkboard name tags at Walmart and used a white paint pen to make the names permanent. I will attach these with ribbon to the students' chairs.

Some work to do here....but I wanted to show you what I have done so far. I'm still looking for some "Space" details for the nook on the right. I have way too much fun decorating these areas.
 I fell in love with this "hello" bag and decided to hang it on my door.  I plan to put large sunflowers in it in a plastic vase (the vase will be down in the bag) for our Meet & Greet.  I think it will be so welcoming.  Hot glue and gorilla tape are my fasteners of choice.

More pictures of the of the things I am working on this year is creating design display places for students.  I added these clear clips inside this nook to provide a space for these students to show off their design work.  

 These are the space augmented reality (AR) cards by Quiver...I still am amazed when I scan them!!  Interactive walls...

 Lots of storage with these great burlap bins from Land of Nod along with my new pink tubs.  These will be student storage for each table.

I think I have a bucket fetish but I find them very useful.  The galvanized ones are bigger than just the normal pencil size...they are just right.  The pink polka dot ones are also a great size.  I use them at tables and also to quickly organize math supplies for activities. 

 My daughter painted this for my classroom.  It adds such a pretty touch to an otherwise dull wall.  The canvas is oversized so you can't walk into the room without noticing I'm looking for just the right thing to go on each side.  Large glass jars filled with color pencils would be beautiful but not at all safe and practical...I still want something with that look... so my search continues.

Ribbon and pretty things are making their way to my room....I love having a supply available when I start putting my room together. The owls have been around for a couple of years but, I still like them so I dusted them off and readjusted them...they are good to go for another year.

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