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Monday, June 20, 2016

Ten Techtastic Tips

This post was created for a professional development event for teachers.  If you aren't attending the event, you are still able to access the information (with exception to the Padlet).  Below are 10 plus tech tips... ideas...resources for you to use in the classroom.  Challenge yourself to explore each one and come up with ways you could use them in the classroom.  We would all love it if you would post your thoughts, ideas and questions in the blog comments.

1. Padlet
2. QR Codes

3. ThingLink

4. Free Books

Instantly Access Over 15,000 Books for Kids 12 and Under

Zing Books
Access Over 1,000 K-12 ebooks

5. Coding Clubs

Themed based coding clubs for grades 4-8 (but we still used with 2nd and they did great!)

6. Animate

7. Nearpod

8. AR

9. Designs Made Easy

Pic Collage

10. Charades- Customize your way...
Charades for Kids

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