Monday, April 25, 2016

BYOS! Bring Your Own Seat

Bring Your Own Seat
This year I moved schools and switched grade levels.  This was the perfect opportunity for me to use a blank slate and create my perfect classroom.  Then I moved in. And realized that I was given the exact same resources as in every other classroom.  Desks, chairs, a long table, teacher’s desk and teacher’s chair; the usual suspects. So I used the materials and my uncreative mind and created my usual classroom setup, minus the teacher’s desk.

I did bring in my exercise ball but without a horseshoe table, I didn’t have a place to use it. I offered it up for my students and they loved it.  The students created a checklist to keep track of who had the ball and now it rotates around the room.

In October, I saw this awesome stool in the Scholastic bonus catalog and ordered one. The students loved it so I burned some bonus points and ordered three more stools.

In November, I found a $5 stool at Five Below.  Slowly but surely, I was building a more student friendly environment.

Then, a student asked me if they could bring in an exercise ball from home.  Um, sure!  More balls and stools followed. Now, over half my students have their own seat.