Sunday, March 6, 2016

Nearpod in Grade 2... Free Nearpod Subscription for Hopefully YOU!

We love using Nearpod and so do our students.  Students of all ages learn best when they are interested and in control of their own learning.  Nearpod helps us be successful in both of those areas.

Here's a couple examples....

Math- We run Nearpod as "Homework" sessions.  This allows student to access the Nearpod assignment at home... at school... whenever... where ever.   Students scan the QR code and it takes them right to the Nearpod session.  Once students submit their work, we (teachers) can assess their work.  

Writing- Students have access to writing resources when ever they need it.  This sheet gave students sentences starters, their planning sheet, and access to our Nearpod Opinion Writing lesson.  This is posted on our resource board for students to access whenever they need.  

Thanks to Nearpod... you have the chance to win a Gold Subscription!  
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