Tuesday, March 15, 2016

#MACUL16 Inspired Morning Activ' Sheet

  Part of our morning routine is what we call an "Activ' Sheet".  We see this as our opportunity to start engaging and sparking interest in kids as soon as they walk in the door.  We have had requests to post about these so here we go...

This week was #MACUL Inspired.  The kids new all about the MACUL Conference.  They saw the presentation and many of the parents follow us on Facebook.  It was only natural for the kids to start asking questions about new technology.  I was so glad we were ready for them.  My response... you'll learn a lot if you are here first thing in the mornings!  

Monday & Tuesday's Sheet (kids were interested and with our CS 1st launch, we needed two days for this sheet)- Stop Motion
Sorry... had to blur out the QR Code as it goes to a class Thinglink.  
The QR Code is a Thinglink that has several informational videos about Stop Motion and gives them the app to download.  

Wednesday's Sheet will be more about Makey Makey.  Kids are already familiar with Makey Makey and it's general set up.  Today's sheet will introduce computer programming with the program Scratch.  Students will be exposed to sample videos (using Thinglink) that inspire them to think differently than before.  We are working on opinion writing and bar modeling, so there are components of those.    

More about Makey Makey & Thinglink


Once again... Thank you to Makey Makey and Thinglink for product donations at #MACUL16!

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