Monday, March 7, 2016

A Visit with Two Sassy Apples

How had I not heard of the Two Sassy Apples before Thursday night? I thought I was going to a workshop to learn about Coding and Tinkering in the classroom and instead I came away with so much more. 

Tosha Miller and Julie Leach shared pictures and videos from their 2nd grade class and happened to mention that they often have visitors observe their classes. I took this as an invitation, and arrived at their school bright and early the next morning.

I so was excited to see Mrs. Leach and Mrs. Miller in action, but soon realized that wouldn't happen. Instead, I witnessed a group of over fifty 2nd graders in action.

Imagine my excitement when I walked into math class and observed student projecting their work on the Promethean from their tablet.

Students were working with partners to build bar models, taking pictures to add to their Nearpod, helping each other with labels, and explaining their thought process to the class.  (Okay, it’s time to stop thinking that I need to try Nearpod with my students and actually do it now.)

Then, the students started working in Marker Spaces. Some students were creating circuits with Little Bits, programming with Dot and Dash and creating music with a bit of play dough and Makey Makey.

Games were being developed with Pixel Press, and numbers were manipulated on the Promethean table.

But it wasn't all electronics based. These students were reading directions to put together a Phantom Projector from a Tinker Crate.

And this group started a paper mache alien. I love that they grabbed a tablet to find pictures to work from.

Every group I joined welcomed me and included me. They gently guided my learning and explained what they had learned so far or where they were heading with their projects. Students were creating and reading. They were incorporating math, music, coding, and spatial reasoning. Every student was engaged and learning at their own pace. What an amazing 2nd grade classroom!


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