Sunday, March 20, 2016

BYOS! Bring Your Own Sphero

Instead of Bring Your Own Device, today we tried Bring Your Own Sphero. In the past, when we've completed lessons with Sphero, it has taken us about a week to rotate through all the groups.

For today's lesson on a Mean, Median, and Mode, I had a few students volunteer to bring in their Sphero from home (they were a popular Christmas gift this year). Although we ended up with larger group sizes of 5-6 students per group instead of our usual 2-3, we were able to have everyone working at once and finish in a class period instead of spreading it out over a week.

Today's mission: “test different delays to see what the delay should be so that Sphero knocks over the target object and stops within 6 inches of the object”.

Each group chose the number of targets and the distance from start to target.  As you can see, these variables varied greatly.

Using a speed of 10%, students needed to determine which delay would get them to the target.

As always during Sphero lessons, math, reading, coding, problem solving, and cooperation were needed.

We ended our lesson today by comparing our variables and successes. Tomorrow we'll decide on a common unit of measurement and find the mean, median, and mode. And chances are, the students will debate, calculate, struggle, and learn.

By Nicol Howald


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