Friday, January 29, 2016

Super Scientist

Inspired by one of my college professors who assigned, each student a week to present an experiment...  my second graders do a “Super Scientist” of the week.  I made up a couple of bags with science experiment cards, a couple of science books, a variety of different science type tools…like eye droppers, collecting cylinder, etc. I tied on a pair of goggles with a ribbon.  Inside the bag is a brief letter describing, how the student can practice any experiment at home and then when they are ready they can present the experiment to the class.  I also included pictures of scientists from last year to inspire my students. 
Pictured here is one of my students this week conducting an  experiment demonstrating Thrust using a rocket balloon... all while calling on volunteers, asking her peers scientific questions and asking for their predictions.  The students also gave her suggestions on further investigations she could try.  So many good things happen when students present their experiments!  

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