Saturday, January 9, 2016

Little Bits

Our students are taking Little Bits beyond exploration...

Access the Little Bits Educator’s Guide by clicking this link:
“The intuitive, color-coded Bits™ each have a specific function (ie. motion, lights, sound, sensors, internet connectivity), and all the Bits snap together with magnets to make larger circuits. Building circuits is simple and intuitive, allowing students to create powerful, sophisticated electronics in a matter of seconds. With an ever-expanding library of Bits, educators and students can grow their collection and engage in increasingly complex projects as their understanding of the system and Bits grows.”

Our organization strategy for Little Bits:

We took this picture of the individual Little Bits pieces and made color copies and cut apart each individual part.   

We then glued each picture, in the bottom of each box, so students can easily put back the pieces when they are done.  We also labeled each box, with a designated number, and each piece with that matching number, so the right sets can be put in the right box.

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