Wednesday, December 16, 2015

MakerSpace Creations...of the STEAM Sort

MakerSpace Creations…amongst all of the technology and flashy learning products around the room...there are students who crave manipulating paper, paint, glue, glitter, clay and other items.  Melts my heart at some of the amazing items they produce and the creativity and love they put into their projects.  

This 3D Snowman paper craft is one of the recent items..

This great resource came from the website:

Then there is this adorable star tree topper…which two of my students took home and put some finishing touches on, including a coiled spring on the back!  Of course they are loving making paper much good can be done with paper chains...they have used them to add, count by 100's, make patterns and we will send them home for countdown calendars.  

I read recently a quote from a child that went something like, “my teacher didn’t send me home with homework tonight…she sent me home with something to think about…”  That saying has been ringing through my head lately and I LOVE that thought!

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