Thursday, December 31, 2015

DonorsChoose Did it Again!

 Imagine my surprise when I get a Facebook message from a parent "Omg. Just logged on to donors choose with my parents to check on the STEAM project and it looks like it was JUST fully funded!?!?! . Am I reading that right?" I am thinking.... There's no way, last time I checked there was over $13,000 still needed. Excitement and curiosity made me stop what I was doing and check. YES!!! This mom was reading it right! The project had been fully funded by a donor going by JGGWinVirginia. My guess is this is an anonymous donor because I just can't seem to find any information on the donors, well except for the fact that between a couple of hours, on this last Wednesday in December, the last Wednesday before the New Year, this donor donated thousands and thousands to other teachers across the US!!!! I am so grateful to be a recipient of this donation. I am so glad Julie and I stepped out and dreamed big! This project will put a mini hands on museum in our school hallways. Interested? Want to know more about this project. Check out it out:

JGGW in Virginia #JGGW #JGGWinVirginia who ever you are.... Thank you so very much for taking the time tonight to look through the thousands of projects posted on the Donors Choose site,...thank you for your generosity... thank you for touching the hearts, hands and minds of all our students at List Elementary! If by chance you come across this blog post... check back. We will be sure to update on the progress of our STEAM Hands on Hall!


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