Thursday, November 5, 2015

Five for Friday

Google Drive and My Five!  
I am a busy mom of three very active boys ranging from three to twelve.  I teach full time and I work more time...  Finding ways to work smarter, not harder and make every minute count with my family and my career is very important to me as I am sure it is with everyone.  As I sit and look at my week in review, I find myself thanking Google for creating Drive and all the components.

Report Cards and Google Drive...
If you are able to sit and do report cards all in one setting I envy you!  For me there always seems to be a phone ringing, a meeting starting, a student who needs help, a kid to pick up from practice, the oven timer going off (okay, my husband my call me out on this one... the (microwave) oven timer), a toddler who wants to read a book or a cat attaching my feet...   Not complaining here at all.  It's my life and I love it, but it means that I have to stop what I am doing- and this week it is report comments- and pick up at a later time.  I need my work to be auto saved and accessible from any location.  Google Documents has been great for keeping track of report card comments.  I have been able to work on comments over time and then when finished I copied and pasted into the program our school uses.  

Grant Writing with Google Drive
Continuing with the same need of being able to come back to my work... my coworker and I love Google Drives ability to share a document and simultaneously work.  This ability has allowed us the ability to work on many projects, including grants.  Once our kids are settled for the night we both hop on our MacBooks and get to work.  Collaboration always makes things better.  Working in your PJ's with a cup of Jo or Tea makes it even better.  

Epic Books
I just can't say enough about Epic Books.  It's like Netflix, only with books and it's free for educators!  If your an educator and your not using Epic Books then you need to find out more by reading this post: 

Preparing for Parent Teacher Conferences with Google Drive
Google Form + Choice Eliminator Add On + Notification Add On = 1 easy way to schedule 25 parent teacher conferences!
Creating a Google Form with my conference times listed and applying the choice eliminator add on was a genius idea!  Thank you to my administrator for showing me this add on!  Parents selected what was available and now I have my conference schedule with all the contact information I need in one simple spreadsheet!  The Notification add on sent parents a confirmation email automatically!  No follow up needed from me.  This saved me so much time!

Auto Correct...Not always Correct
Laugh with me... not at me!  It's been a crazy busy week.  I have been relying heavily on text to speech this week and depending on auto correct.  You think I would have learned by now to proof read my text messages before I hit send, not after.  Nope... not me... LOL....  I am just glad all my friends and family have great humor and understand me! 

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