Tuesday, November 24, 2015

QR Codes - All About Me

Our students took pictures of each other using the camera app and printed the pictures. 

They also created their own QR codes using http://www.qrstuff.com/

To do the project go to the site (link above), for making your very own QR codes, you will need to click on the option for plain text to add typing like we did.  I had a template for the students to fill in for this first time.  They typed something like:

My name is _____________.  I am _____ years old.   My favorite color is __________. 
We also had them tell us their favorite part of Second
Grade so far. 

I had them write their names with white chalk. These were great to hang in the hallway for parent teacher conferences for parent’s to scan. 

Later in the week the second graders had the privilege of being the QR experts as they taught the first graders.  Learning success! 

Note:  I placed a block in the middle of their QR codes to protect their privacy otherwise they would work to scan.  So if you wanted to send yours through email or something like that your audience would be able to scan and view.

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Base Ten Block Organization

I found these at Target in their dollar bins…wasn’t sure at the time exactly what I was going to use them for but, this week I was trying to figure out a way to send students to their game with a supply of base ten blocks and realized these were the perfect solution!!
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Character Projects

Do you see any of your favorite characters...?  Our students love to present their favorite characters and teach us about the inside and outside character traits of their character.  We use this project along with “All About Character Traits” from A Year of Many Firsts:  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/All-About-Character-Traits-857551
 I love her anchor charts and as we dig into characters and character traits we keep them posted and refer to them often. 

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Film Crews

Film crew….!!!!  A local film crew has been working in our rooms, the last month, or so creating a documentary about “Our Story” and capturing our vision... on how we see classrooms changing and how we are already working to change the environment in our classrooms.  Our students have become quite accustomed to all of the crew's amazing equipment being place around the classroom...cameras, big lights, extra people...  They have loved seeing this process and of course being able to sit in the interview seat!!

We are so excited for this opportunity and the opportunity to share our story with others.  We can’t wait to share the finished product!
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Building Better Readers  B.B.R. (Tosha made up that name...isn’t it great!) It is a simple idea but very effective…students in our classrooms can take a book home and practice it 10 times (they put a post-it note inside the cover and write an “X” on it, each time they read the book) then they read it to a parent or someone at home.  They have the person they read their book to sign their post-it note and bring it back to school.  Then they can read their book to the class.  They love having the spot light! 

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Genius Hour Launch

We started Genius Hour this year (a 2nd and 4th grade partnership) and decided to do a big launch in our performing arts center.  It was a hoot!  We decided to dress like Einstein and made these fun hats. 

Each student wrote about his or her high interest areas.  We asked our Principal and our Superintendent to do the same and they shared their ideas at our launch.

 We are committing one hour each Friday to allow students to spend time in their area of interest.  For our first round of this, we decided we would do 4 weeks of “knowledge” where students research and zoom into an idea.  Followed by four weeks of project development and then four weeks to work on some type of overview presentation. 

It is just astonishing to hear the ideas students are coming up with.  To hear a second grader say they would like to contact Maserati and see if he could get some information on their motors, another student wanting to know more about solar cars, one students wants to figure out how to make a foam case for her iPad, other students researching animals, a group of students exploring and designing on Tinkercad, some doing programming for gaming, one girl designing a simple motor …just to name a few…WOW!!  Amazing! 

Stay tuned....we will be sharing what we are learning through this process...

This second grade student is designing a robot to build car parts and has partnered with this fourth grader because she is making a small motor and thinks he can help her make them with the robot.  

 He's exploring the app Robot Factory to get ready to think about how to build a robot factory...
 Using Tinkercad

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