Thursday, June 25, 2015

Service through Science - Day 3

In this workshop we were working with David Karpovich mimicking his work he is doing with Neem Tree Oil with a people group in Ghana.  He is teaching us about service learning and the importance of teaching the virtues of giving and using science to spark that interest.  If you know Tosha and I you know the hands-on activities are good for us!!
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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dow Corning Foundation - Day 2

Our second day at SVSU was filled with lots of tours of some of the really neat things going on at the university in the STEM area.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Coop the Cardinal

Tosha and I went from Boyne to SVSU.  We are in week one of our partnership for our STEM participation.  So exciting!  We started out by high-fiving Coop the Cardinal this morning on our way in.
The Dow Corning Foundation/SVSU STEM Community Partnership targets attitudes about STEM in the local community. The project involves about 20 local middle and high school teachers per year from the surrounding community. (*** Notice Tosha and I got picked as the only Elementary Teachers. ) One of the objectives of the project is to create a network of teachers, SVSU University Faculty and Dow Corning Professionals to leverage our combined knowledge about STEM to correct perceptions that can be inaccurate or damaging. Since teachers shape so many of the perceptions of the community about STEM, the project's goal is to help the teachers represent their discipline accurately and effectively to their students.
After selection, the teachers (Dow Corning Foundation Fellows) are brought on campus for a two week STEM experience with SVSU Faculty and staff. 
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

App Smashing

Inspiring students to be creative, innovative and app-enabled thinkers... both digitally and intellectually.  App smashing in simple form is using two or more apps to create an end product.  App smashing in twosassyapples form is an explosive, collaborative, engaging, high level of thinking way of learning.  Explore on... 

What is App Smashing?
Using multiple apps to create one project.
It’s the gourmet burger of all projects!  Where student are the chef, the bun is the chosen presentation work space, the meat is your topic and the toppings of choice are the apps.  Hungry now?  So are your students.  Feed them!  Put the power of creativity and inspiration in the hands of students.

What App Smashing Looks Like:
Check this out
Explore ThingLink

Why App Smash?
Twosassyapples are firm believers in doing what you love!  When you do what you love… you will do great and be amazing! So why bring app smashing to your class?  Because students love it and you will too!  Therefor you and your students will do great things and be AMAZING!
In addition to doing great and being amazing, App Smashing
Engages students
Removes restrictions and allows students to take topics as far as they can
Provides challenging, higher level of thinking for all and can provide for assessment opportunities
Projects are enhanced and more professional looking

How do you teach App Smashing?  
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!  Lemonade with its three simple ingredients is the tastiest, thirst quenching drink…. App smashing, my friends, is just as easy, sweet and enjoyable…

Words of Wisdom- Guiding Light- start by introducing some basic apps.  Don’t feel like you need to be an expert, because the fact is with the constant change in technology you will never be.  Sorry.  Embrace this fact.  I know it’s tough, as educators we want to be experts before teaching our students.  With technology we just can’t.  But we can be leaders, guiders, and facilitators.  Encourage students to explore different apps and then teach the class.  At twosassyapples we call this Go & Show Time.  Students “Go” and explore (on their own time of course) then they come to school and “Show” off to the rest of us.  Image the learning that goes on!   It’s amazing to watch through the year.

Let students be in control.  We can’t stress this enough!
Students choose the apps used.

Students choose the information included (all the teacher does is guide the topic).

Students edit, proof view/read, offer constructive criticism (yes! bring Siskel and Ebert to your classroom)

Publish student work.  Let them feel valued.  They will want to share their hard work and when they know they are going to be published you will find they put their all into it.

List of Smashing Apps/Resources/Links

Boyne Tech Conference 2015 Agenda

Storyboard Template Downloads:
Download BTC PDF Here
Download Blank PDF Here
Download App Smashing Storyboard Here

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