Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Easy Parent Communication with Google Calendar

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Communication with parents is crucial to the success of all students.  As a parent I want to have an easy way of knowing what is due and when and what events are happening.  As a teacher I have tried many tools.  This week I have started using Google Calendar.  I create a class Google account, giving me a class email address and calendar.  I shared this calendar with parents.  I am putting in assignments, events and other information parents would want to be aware of.  This documents the date it was assigned and the date it's due. Prior to this I used email.  I felt like I was constantly sending out reminders and over loading inboxes with the same information.  Parents were left to search for my emails when they wanted information.  Now I enter information once.  Parent calendars are automatically updated and they check when they want!   Parents can access this information from any web browser on any device!  
As a parent I would love this- hint, hint! :)


  1. I love this idea!

  2. I love how you only need to enter information once! I feel like I send so many emails. Thank you for linking up!
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  3. I love Google! I never thought about sharing a calendar with parents. Great idea!



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