Friday, May 15, 2015

5 for Friday


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Date Fun!
As I was writing my 5 for Friday I said… oh it’s 5/15/15...51515… it reads the same backwards…. my sassy partner Julie makes me aware that it's the same all week!  
5/16/15… 51615… Get it?  I love numbers, so this was fun for me.   :)

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Stem the Gap
We were excited to hear that our application to participate in the Dow Corning Foundation/STEM Community Partnership project for 2015/2016.  This program involves attendance at two week-long workshops this summer and $2000.00 to conduct a project with our classrooms.  

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The MACUL (Michigan Association of Computer Users) offered a grant for a technlogy related project.  We were very excited to apply for this grant as it is a great opportunity to continue creating collaboration labs for our students.  One of the things we in our collaborations labs are STEM challenges.  We call these labs challenges “Tinker Time.”  Our labs are filled filled with student centered STEM challenges.  This school year we have already started implementing STEM based challenges but we are quickly realizing we do not have the necessary technology resources to keep up with our digital natives.  

We need our students to have technology resources to be successful during “Tinker Time”.  We are currently transforming our classrooms into vibrant, collaborative labs, where our students can actively work together to make content-specific products, invent designs, and process and think up new ideas.

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Boat STEM Challenge
We spent two weeks learning about boats.  This encompassed a whole lot of learning!  
Floating, sinking, budget planning, engineering, capacity, weight, different properties of different materials, record keeping, and so much more.  
Check out this video:

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Sharp Challenge
We took a deep breath and showed our students one of our “final projects”.  We submitted a challenge to Sharp Technologies, Tech It Up.  Check out our proposal…

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Easy Parent Communication with Google Calendar

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Communication with parents is crucial to the success of all students.  As a parent I want to have an easy way of knowing what is due and when and what events are happening.  As a teacher I have tried many tools.  This week I have started using Google Calendar.  I create a class Google account, giving me a class email address and calendar.  I shared this calendar with parents.  I am putting in assignments, events and other information parents would want to be aware of.  This documents the date it was assigned and the date it's due. Prior to this I used email.  I felt like I was constantly sending out reminders and over loading inboxes with the same information.  Parents were left to search for my emails when they wanted information.  Now I enter information once.  Parent calendars are automatically updated and they check when they want!   Parents can access this information from any web browser on any device!  
As a parent I would love this- hint, hint! :)

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