Friday, April 10, 2015

Five For Friday

Inspired by one of my college professors who assigned each student a week to present an experiment...  my second graders do a “Super Scientist” of the week (sometimes two).  I made up a couple of bags with science experiment cards, a couple of science books, a variety of different science type tools…like eye droppers, collecting cylinder, etc. I tied on a pair of goggles with a ribbon.  Inside the bag is a brief letter describing that the student can practice any experiment at home and then when they are ready they can present an experiment to the class.  I also included pictures of scientists from last year to inspire my students. 
Pictured here is one of my students this week conducting the experiment all while calling on volunteers, asking her peers scientific questions and asking for predictions.  So many good things happen while students present their experiments!  

We returned from Spring Break this week and I was so thankful for these pre-made books.  The students came right in and were so excited to write about all the things they did on Spring Break.  They partnered up and shared with each other. Here is the link to get to this product:

This week we started “Digging In” to our Plant unit.  I am excited to start incorporating inquiry based experiments into our learning.  I purchased this book on TPT:

The students have really enjoyed the experiments this week.   We have several going on.  We are testing:  Do Plants Need Light? and
Do Plants Need Water? from this book. 
We experimented with sand and soil to determine which material would be better for plants.  This experiment was also in this book. The second graders had such great ideas on why the water went right through the sand and why the soil absorbed the water.  We pretended we were plants and decided we wanted to be in the soil.  

We also did the super stem experiment with food coloring and celery. 

We are doing the seed sprout activity to observe different germination times. 

This was made and presented by a couple of students.  

Our culminating event for our plant unit will be a salad party where we harvest the lettuce, wash it, and then set up a salad bar in our room and eat the delicious salad!

Our school has a children's garden where we will be planting lettuce and other items for a salad garden.  

We will eventually have a Salad Party where we harvest the lettuce, wash it, and then set up a salad bar in our room and eat the delicious salad!

I found this super cool Mushroom Mini Farm so we completed this farm and we are ready for the mushrooms to start growing!!

I enjoy making collages in word to email parents and to incorporate in to student's learning.  I used one of the collages from one of the experiments for students to write about what they learned about.

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Return from Spring Break Activity

I love using this activity when my students return from Spring Break!  They all have so much to tell me and they are so excited.  

This activity book gives them a chance to get all of the exciting things down right away when they come in.  

They love filling this in and sharing with their friends!  

To see a preview of this activity visit here:
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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Classroom Chic - Charcoal Gray and Pink Classroom

Classroom Chic!  I put this classroom collection together tonight and it literally gave me goose bumps!  There are so many great pieces for this charcoal gray and pink classroom collection.  I love to think about how I can create a cozy environment that is also a functioning learning space.  You and your students will spend at 30 hours each week…why not create a place that you enjoy?  No matter what the quality of your space is you can create something truly magical for you and your students.

Where to shop:

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