Friday, March 13, 2015

QR Codes

Our second graders are finishing their nonfiction animal projects using my TPT activities...the packet has QR codes in it that help guide students through the process.  Our students have really enjoyed creating their own QR codes and embedding them in the traditional projects.  

The students are also doing app smashing and creating digital projects to go along with their books.  I have also been so motivated by the book Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites and have opened up the possibilities to create something to go with the book.  I can't wait to post some of the finished extras the students are working on.  

We are planning to have an Author's Celebration soon.  We are going to hold our celebration in the library...kind of like an expo... so students will each have a little area to display their book and any other items that go with their items. Some are planning to dress like their animal, some have made awesome diagram style posters, others are planning to bring stuffed animals and plastic animals to go in their area.  I love hearing them plan and conference with each other about their plans.  They sound like grown authors planning a book signing at Barnes and Noble. 

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