Sunday, March 8, 2015

Book Study - Strategy 3 - Field Trips

This post is part of an online book study going on across the country on the book "Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites" by Marcia Tate.  This week's chapter is about the importance of field trips.  
This week's posts are on this site:
Chapters 1 & 2 have already been discussed.  Hop over to Kickin it in Kindergarten to see what you missed.

And here is what the future brings!

Queen of the First Grade Jungle Chapter 4 (March 10th)
Fabulous in First Chapter 5 (March 14th)
One Extra Degree Chapter 6 (March 17th)
Mrs. Jump's Class Chapter 7 (March 28th)
The First Grade Parade Chapter 8 (March 31st)
In April, you will be visiting these girls for the remainder of the study:
Mrs. Ehle's Kindergarten Chapter 9 &10 (April 4th)
What The Teacher Wants Chapter 11 (April 7th)
First Grader At Last Chapter 12 (April 11th)
Erica's Ed Ventures Chapter 13 (April 14th)
KinderGals Chapter 14 &15 (April 18th)
A Rocky Top Teacher Chapter 16 (April 21st)
Mrs. Wills Kindergarten Chapter 17 (April 25th)
Little Warriors Chapter 18 (April 28th)
Falling Into First Chapter 19 (May 2nd)
Kickin' it in Kindergarten Chapter 20 (May 5th)

These are pictures of the park connected to our school.  It has a neat little stream that goes through it. Pedestrian bridges, and amazing weeping willow trees.  It’s a great place to reenact “We are Going on a Bear Hunt,” or to gather nature items.  We have also made paper boats and watched them float down the little stream.  Yes the children can get dirty, yes it takes extra effort, yes it creates memories that are long lasting and that is totally worth it!!

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