Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Looking to bring your classroom to life with an engaging, motivating, interactive learning experience?  Then Nearpod is for you!  My students are loving Nearpod, as I am too!  In my classroom you will see Nearpod lessons being used as self guided lessons and teacher directed instruction.

The benefits of using Nearpod lessons...
I get to spend more one on one time with struggling learners
Advanced students can move ahead to more challenging material
Real time responses let’s me address misconceptions and reteach before moving deeper into content
Assessments are graded instantly and I receive a downloadable report

These pictures show three different students reviewing money….at their own pace.  This leaves me the freedom to walk around the room and meet with students one on one and spend more time with my struggling students.  The rest of the class is working and truly has no care about what I am doing as they are totally engaged in their lesson.  

Nearpod lessons are a creative way to engage and interact with students,  Lesson can be teacher created or there is a huge library to pick from.  

Not only does Nearpod work for classroom use…. you can also assign lessons as homework!

Check out these video links for more information.

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