Friday, March 13, 2015

Motivating Readers...

We love to motivate readers in second grade.  There is nothing better than hearing a child declare, "I LOVE reading!!"  A few years ago I was trying to figure out how to motivate some of my struggling readers and landed on an idea that has really worked to motivate all my readers.  We use Accelerated Reader as one tool in our day.  

Each student in our class earns a piece of bubblegum each time they get to a five point on 5 points, 15 points, 25 points, etc. They also earn snow cones (this idea was motivated by me trying to think of something inexpensive but exciting...our school has an ice maker so the cost is in syrup...parents donate cups and spoons) for every 10 point marker...10, 20, 30 points.  

We also have some extra incentives built in like getting to play Temple Run or Panda Run on the big screen (interactive board) when they reach 40 points.  50 points gets you the chance to write on the chalkboard behind my desk (as seen in the picture here.)  I bought chalk markers and the students love getting the chance to add a message.  We've also done crazy ideas, in past years, like getting to play Toss Across in the hall at 50 points or the chance to read in a certain spot at 50 points.  Our local McDonald's donated coupons for Happy Meals so students who earn 100 AR points get a Happy Meal at lunch.  They are so motivated by this system.  They encourage and cheer for each other as they earn points.  This incentive program creates a reading community and attaches positive memories to reading!!


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