Thursday, March 5, 2015

March is Reading Month

March is Reading Month

Our grade level is having a challenge between the classes to read books.  We have the Dr. Seuss labels for each week.  We (okay the students) are punching out circles like crazy…out of our red and white scraps. 

Each time a student reads a book they get to write their name on a circle and post it on our door.  I have tape pieces all lined up on my desk ready to go.  They are so motivated by these circles!!  We call it Circles for Seuss and it is already of control.  They are begging to read.  What a great problem, right? 

One of my students was getting picked up today and he said to his mom, “I just love reading!”  She, “will you say that again and a little louder.”  She told me this is the first year he has said that!

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