Friday, March 27, 2015

Five for Friday

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Spring Break Eve
It's the Friday before the start of Spring Break! Break? Not so much... Spring... we had some snow flurries last night so we will see!  It’s about 18 degrees out.  Figures…. I sent all snow bags home yesterday thinking we would be done with them now that spring break is here.  
Truly, I am very excited for this break.  It's a great time to rest and regroup.  At Two Sassy Apples we have a "Must Do -To Do" list that we plan to accomplish.  Back to Five for Friday...what a week it has been!  Technically it's one week and one day that I am writing about.  Our week started last Thursday as we woke in our hotel room for the MACUL Conference...
MACUL 2015
The MACUL (Michigan Association of Computer Users) conference was held in Detroit.  We, Two Sassy Apples, were nominated and awarded a major award.  You can read more about the award here: Award Information  This years conference theme was "A Culture of Collaboration."  This was exciting for us as collaboration is a huge part of what we do at Two Sassy Apples.  Teamwork and collaboration, along with our faith and direction from God, is what makes the two of us so successful.   This year the two of us taught a session together, we had a lot of great positive feedback from our session.  Our session was on QR Codes and NEARPOD.  You should check out our opening video: The MACUL conference is always a hit.  There are many things to walk away with and apply to your classroom. We walked away itching with ideas!
Hololens Howincrediable (yes, I meant that word)
One of classroom connections works for Microsoft.  He shared some news with us this week.  We were so excited to hear about this.  Microsoft is transforming our world with holograms.  Holograms will truly be the way of future education.  You really need to check out this video to see what I am talking about. 
Hololens- a must SEE 
Author Celebration
Author Celebration
Having an Author Celebration is a great way to reward students, celebrate their hard work and honor them as writer’s.  It is truly a part of the writing process.  This week we held our 2nd Author Celebration of the year.  We changed it up a bit.  
Our first was held in the classroom, this time we held it in the library, but of course!  The students loved being surrounded by all the “real books” and loved seeing their own books as “part of the library”.  We had parents, students and teachers visit us.  After reading, and participating in the book study Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites we decided to take a twist in their writing.  Students first went through the informational writing process, they did their research, wrote their books, and they then took it up a few, to a lot of notches.  Some students had poster talks, some had clay models, others created ebooks!  They were totally app smashing on this!  During the celebration, students took on the role of authors.  They valued their space and made it their own… from bringing in stuffed animals (that went with their animal research), dressing up as their character, treats for their readers, author badges, autographed business card bookmarks, to tablecloths and bluetooth speakers for playing soft music or sounds from their animal.
Student Example

Spring Cleaning
Spring Cleaning is something most of us do at home.  It's time to toss the clutter, get rid of the dust bunnies and jump into spring fresh and clean.  Our school has a tradition of Spring Cleaning in School.... we teach our students that the school is theirs.  It is their environment.  They reside at the school the majority of their time. As with all our personal items we should care of them and keep them clean.  So on this Friday, the last day of school before our break starts, the entire school body chips in to spring clean

our school.  We clean classrooms, hallways, windows, display cases... and the list goes on.  Parents help out and send in kid friendly cleaning products.  Our students love this.  They have fun doing it and walk away with a sense of pride.


  1. Ok, it's official. I have got to carve out some time to read the book everyone is talking about - "Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites." We have been trying to save paper at our school as it is, and it sounds like this book could give that even more meaning!

    Mindy at:
    Thomas' Teachable Moments

  2. I seriously need to do some spring cleaning too!! :)

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