Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Scholastic Storia School Edition

How exciting!  I was able to obtain a free school edition of Scholastic Storia for the rest of the school year.  I rolled this out today with 2nd graders.  At first it was a challenge, as when I created my class account I entered both first and last names not knowing that this was how usernames where going to generated.  I quickly changed that to first names only.  We worked as a class getting loggod on for the first time.  Students explored the site.  They quickly found that they could highlight text, look up words they didn’t know, have the option of having the text read to them and could quix there understanding of what they read.  How awesome is that for me as a teacher!  I have full access to reports with all the data on what they are doing and reading.  We have just started an informational text/research unit in reading and writing.  I created reading groups and assigned students specific books that i wanted them to read.  Now they can read these books as they have time.  The best part is that this is web based.  Students can go anywhere they have internet from any device and continue their reading!  Just gotta say LOVE IT! Find out more at  

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