Wednesday, February 18, 2015

President's Day


Today we did a quick experiment using pennies .  We talked about the fact that Abraham Lincoln is on the penny.  I posed the question “Why are some pennies darker and some shiny?”  The students suggested lots of ideas.  I then asked how they thought we could try to clean the pennies.  We set up stations around the room using the suggested ways:  water, soap and water, water and salt, and I suggested the magic recipe of vinegar and salt  I found on this great site: Experiment Directions at mom2poshlildivas

I love to use Nook Kids when I want a book instantly!!! It’s a free app and then you purchase the books. I decided to read this book during our Read Aloud with Accountable Talk Time.

We also used the free printable packet found at this link: along with our Scholastic News.  Oh... and I had a student who brought in an awesome CD with Presidential Songs!!

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