Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Non-fiction Animal Projects

We are in the midst of creating our Nonfiction Animal books in Second Grade. The students first step was to go shopping and to look through books and pick their top three animals they wanted to research.  I then put students in groups of 4 or 5 and assigned their animal.  The students are rolling along.  They are so engaged and checking off their pages.  We are using this packet (don't worry about the label of 1st grade...this can be tailored to other grades too...) as a starter Non-fiction Writing Packet. Our librarian has supplied my students with boxes of books for each animal.  I also searched TPT and found nonfiction articles on each animal.  
Even more exciting we have taken this project to the next level by adding QR codes (QR codes for:  live webcams, specific animal facts, videos, etc.) for the student to independently work through the stages of this project and become an expert on their animal.  

We launched this project by showing student samples from last year and unveiling the entire project. 

We created a group checklist and then we meet each day and revisit at least one element of the project. We created QR codes that link to a youtube video that shows a "How to Draw" video of each of the individual animals.

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